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Goose Green

The Battle of Goose Green (May 27th to May 28th, 1982) was the first major land-battle of the Falklands War.

After the British landed at San Carlos, the nearest Argentine position was Goose Green. It was felt that the position could not be ignored, and moreover that a quick victory at Goose Green would boost British morale and momentum.

The British forces consisted of three companies of the 2nd Battalion of the Parachute Regiment ("2 PARA"), total strength around 600 men, supported by three 105mm artillery pieces from 29 Commando Regiment, Royal Artillery, one MILAN anti-tank missile platoon, Scout helicopters and three RAF Harriers. They attacked the Argentines holding Goose Green and the nearby settlement at Darwin, after a softening up bombardment by naval gunfire. In overall command of the British force was Lieutenant-Colonel Herbert Jones, known to his men as simply H.

The defending Arrgentine forces, known as Task Force Mercedes consisted of the 12th Infantry Regiment (RI 12) under the command of Lieutenant-Colonel Italo Piaggi, and a company of the 25th Infantry Regiment (RI 25), totalling over 1,000 men. These troops were backed by a battery of 20mm Rheinmetall anti-aircraft guns and two Oerlikon 35mm anti-aircraft guns, all of which were employed in a ground support role, as well as four 105mm Oto Melara howitzers from the 4th Airborne Artillery Regiment, with air support from Pucarás based in Port Stanley.

After heavy fighting, including the death of British commanding officer Lieutenant-Colonel Herbert Jones (who was posthumously awarded a Victoria Cross), the British eventually overcame the larger Argentine force . The British lost 17 killed and 64 wounded. The Argentines lost 47 killed, 120 wounded and around 1,000 captured. Additionally, the British captured a large quantity of Argentine weapons and stores.

One noteable incident was that the BBC World Service announced the taking of Goose Green before it actually happened. This broadcast may have forewarned the Argentines to the impending attack, and was seen as an act of disloyalty by many in the British military. Indeed, at one point, Lieutenant-Colonel Jones even threatened to lead the prosecution of senior BBC officials for treason.

Battle of Goose Green by Gordon Smith, www.naval-history.net


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This book tells the story of the battle for Goose Green - the first crucial clash of the Falklands war - through the eyes of the commanders, both British and Argentine, from brigadier to corporal. It follows in detail, with the aid of maps, the 14 hours of vicious infantry fighting of both sides as they struggled for the tiny settlement of Goose Green. The book explains how 2 Para came close to failure as the battalion fought over open ground, in daylight, without adequate fire support against prepared positions. Controversial questions - such as: was it an unnecessary battle? Why did London overrule the brigadier commander's reluctance to attack? Did Colonel Jones's solo charge, which won him the VC, decide the issue? - are discussed frankly. The author, himself a former infantry officer, has had the full support of The Parachute Regiment, and has assembled the views and comments of over 45 veterans of all ranks who fought there.

Goose Green: A Battle is Fought to be Won (Cassell Military Paperbacks)

By Mark Adkin

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Goose Green was the first land battle of the Falklands War. It was also the longest, the hardest-fought, the most controversial and the most important to win. What began as a raid became a vicious, 14-hour infantry struggle, in which 2 Para - outnumbered, exhausted, forced to attack across open ground in full daylight, and with inadequate fire support - lost their commanding officer, and almost lost the action. This is the only full-length, detailed account of this crucial battle. Drawing on the eye-witness accounts of both British and Argentinian soldiers who fought at Goose Green, and their commanders' narratives, it has become the definitive account of most important and controversial land battle of the Falklands War. A compelling story of men engaged in a battle that hung in the balance for hours, in which Colonel 'H' Jones' solo charge against an entrenched enemy won him a posthumous V.C., and which for both sides was a gruelling and often terrifying encounter.

Goose Green: A Battle Is Fought to Be Won by Adkin, Mark (2007) Paperback

By Mark Adkin


Goose Green: A Battle Is Fought to Be Won by Adkin, Mark (2007) Paperback
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